Famous Poets and Their Poems

Below you'll find a variety of famous classic poets and some of their poems. Click on one of them and you'll find a synopsis, analysis, and meaning of any figurative language the poem includes.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Birthplace: Somersby, Lincolnshire, England
Birth: August 6, 1809
Death: October 6, 1892

Analysis of “The Kraken” Poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Poetry Analysis of “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Tennyson

Angelou, Maya

Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Birth: April 4, 1928
Death: May 28, 2014

Analysis of “Phenomenal Woman” Poem by Maya Angelou
Analysis of “Still I Rise” Poem by Maya Angelou

Awoonor, Kofi

Birthplace: Wheta, Gold Coast, Ghana
Birth: March 13, 1935
Death: September 21, 2013

Analysis of “The Sea Eats the Land at Home” Poem by Kofi Awoonor

Berman, David

Birthplace: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Birth: 1967

Analysis of “Snow” Poem by David Berman

Blake, William

Birthplace: London, England
Birth: November, 28 1757
Death: August, 12 1827

Analysis of “The Clod and the Pebble” Poem by William Blake
Analysis of “The Tyger” Poem by William Blake

Bradstreet, Anne

Birthplace: Northampton, England
Birth: March 20, 1612
Death: September 16, 1672

Analysis of “To My Dear and Loving Husband” Poem by Anne Bradstreet

Carroll, Lewis

Birthplace: Daresbury, Cheshire, England
Birth: January 27, 1832
Death: January 14, 1898

Analysis of “The Mad Gardener’s Song” Poem by Lewis Carroll
Poetry Analysis of “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll

Collins, Billy

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Birth: March 22, 1941

Analysis of “Afternoon with Irish Cows” Poem by Billy Collins
Analysis of “Another Reason Why I Don’t Keep a Gun in the House” Poem by Billy Collins

Cummings, E. E.

Birthplace: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Birth: October 14, 1894
Death: September 3, 1962

Analysis of “a total stranger one black day…” Poem by E. E. Cummings

Dickinson, Emily

Birthplace: Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
Birth: December 10, 1830
Death: May 15, 1886

Analysis of “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” Poem by Emily Dickinson
Analysis of “I Never Saw a Moor” Poem by Emily Dickinson
Analysis of “I died for Beauty, but was scarce” Poem by Emily Dickinson

Duffy, Carol Ann

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland
Birth: December 23, 1955

Analysis of “War Photographer” Poem by Carol Ann Duffy

Frost, Robert Lee

Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Birth: March 26, 1874
Death: January 29, 1963

Analysis of “Fire and Ice” Poem by Robert Lee Frost

Henley, William Ernest

Birthplace: Gloucester, England
Birth: August 23, 1849
Death: July 11, 1903

Analysis of “Invictus” Poem by William Ernest Henley

Hughes, Langston

Birthplace: Joplin, Missouri, USA
Birth: February 1, 1902
Death: May 22, 1967

Analysis of “Mother to Son” Poem by Langston Hughes

Hughes, Ted

Birthplace: Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire, England
Birth: August 17, 1930
Death: October 28, 1998

Poetry Analysis of “Bayonet Charge” by Ted Hughes

Lerman, Eleanor

Birthplace: Bronx, New York
Birth: 1952

Analysis of “That Sure is My Little Dog” Poem by Eleanor Lerman

Loomis, Jon

Birthplace: Athens, Ohio, USA
Birth: 1959

Analysis of “Deer Hit” Poem by Jon Loomis

Magee, John Gillespie Jr

Birthplace: Shanghai, Republic of China
Birth: June 9, 1922
Death: December 11, 1941

Poetry Analysis of “High Flight” by John Gillespie Magee, Jr

Millay, Edna St. Vincent

Birthplace: Rockland, Maine, USA
Birth: February 22, 1892
Death: October 19, 1950

Analysis of “The Buck in the Snow” Poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Moore, Clement Clarke

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Birth: July 15, 1779
Death: July 10, 1863

Analysis of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” Poem by Clement Clarke Moore

Neruda, Pablo

Birthplace: Parral, Maule Region, Chile
Birth: July 12, 1904
Death: September 23, 1973

Analysis of “Ode to the Tomato” Poem by Pablo Neruda
Analysis of “Ode to Large Tuna in the Market” Poem by Pablo Neruda

Paz, Octavio

Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico
Birth: March 31, 1914
Death: April 19, 1998

Analysis of “Touch” Poem by Octavio Paz

Poe, Edgar Allan

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birth: January 19, 1809
Death: October 7, 1849

Analysis of “Annabel Lee” Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Shelley, Percy Bysshe

Birthplace: Horsham, Sussex, England
Birth: August 4, 1792
Death: July 8, 1822

Poetry Analysis of “Ode to the West Wind” by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Poetry Analysis of “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Sitwell, Edith

Birthplace: Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England
Birth: September 7, 1887
Death: December 9, 1964

Analysis of “Heart and Mind” Poem by Edith Sitwell

Strand, Mark

Birthplace: Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Birth: April 11, 1934
Death: November 29, 2014

Analysis of “Eating Poetry” Poem by Mark Strand

Thomas, Dylan

Bithplace: Uplands, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
Birth: October 27, 1914
Death: November 9, 1953

Analysis of “Do not go gentle into that good night” Poem by Dylan Thomas

Williams, William Carlos

Birthplace: Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
Birth: September 17, 1883
Death: March 4, 1963

Analysis of “This Is Just To Say” Poem by William Carlos Williams

Wordsworth, William

Birthplace: Cockermouth, Cumberland, England
Birth: April 7, 1770
Death: April 23, 1850

Analysis of “She was a Phantom of Delight” Poem by William Wordsworth
Analysis of “The World Is Too Much With Us” Poem by William Wordsworth
Analysis of “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” Poem by William Wordsworth
Analysis of “London, 1802” Poem by William Wordsworth