Poetry and Children’s Books

Poetic Night

By sheer miracle, Gary R. Hess was able to find love, but it wasn’t without pain and agony. Hess’s daring defiance of life’s treacheries has allowed him to become the man he is today. Poetic Night takes its readers around the emotional globe–from love to hate and from cute and witty to disgustingly horrid–and lays them gently down to Earth in a subtle pillow of hope.

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Temptation’s Trust

Love is but a splendid experience which may only be appreciated through unexpected actions. Temptation’s Trust expresses Gary R. Hess’s unforeseen and sometimes unthinkable affairs with love throughout his life.

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The Short and the Tall

A giraffe and beaver live in a wildlife park, but sometimes things can go wrong in the safest of places, but we can still get through it with the help of a friend.

This picture book is great for children up to age 6-9, but it is also suitable as a story book parents may read to children.

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Looking Glass

This second poetry book by Gary R. Hess focuses on the wondrous life of love lost, love gained, and the beauty of nature. This collection of multifaceted poems was written during a long period of despair, hardships, and untimely relationships turned around by breathtaking romance.

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The Hairless Wonder

Gary R. Hess uses wit, women, and manhood to discuss love, relationships, and hanky panky through the words of poetry.

If you like vulgar humor, this book is for you. It is jam packed with over 30 poems about what men think about to themselves and what they wish women would do, but don’t have the guts to ask.

Order this book today, it is all in good fun after all.

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