“The Master” by Gary R. Hess – A Poem from ‘Imagery Every Day’

“The Master”
By Gary R. Hess

The paper hisses with each
flip of the wrist as it’s scratched
ever so softly, leaving its
Once naked flesh with
greyish tattoos.

The tattoo’s creator is
full of apathy
and relentless in his duty.
As he abides,
He starts fresh, knowing
Any pause will result in
intense affliction from his

Abide, he must; or his
Master will not be pleased.


“The Master” is taken from “Imagery Every Day: Poetry for Contemporary Minds” (Bright Dreams Journal, Volume 2)
Copyright 2016.

Gary R. Hess

Gary was born and raised on a small farm in rural Kansas. Today, he is teaching various nationalities English in Southeast Asia. Get his newest poetry eBook here.