Love Poems to Make Your Girlfriend Cry on Valentine’s Day

Heart for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day poems to give your girlfriend? Then you’ve come to the right spot! In this article, we will take a look at some of the best love poems ever created to help you give your girl the romantic day she craves.

[Tip: Handwrite one of these poems on a card or stationary paper, draw some hearts, and wrap a bow around it]

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Love Poetry: “Growth” by Gary R. Hess

Love poetry: Growth by Gary R Hess

“Growth” is a poem written for Valentine’s Day during the year 2018. Time has come and gone so quickly, and everything changes. There’s not much which can be said about the poem in terms of overall meaning. It speaks for itself. It is written in unrhymed meter.

Want to be romantic? Feel free to share this with your loved one. Write it on a card, print it out, or remember it and recite it during the perfect moment. Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong.(Continue reading…)

Love Poetry: “The Waiting Bee” by Gary R. Hess

The Waiting Bee

“The Waiting Bee” is a love poem written by Gary R. Hess. This poem is a fun, short poem with many images and sounds, including onomatopoeia! At first glance, this writing may seem like just a poem about a piece of mother nature but at a closer look, it is about something much more: relationships.

Obviously, this poem is about how we all get anxious when waiting. Waiting for what? Well, that’s for you to decide! Is it about waiting for the speaker’s love to come home? Or is it about the speaker waiting for someone to love? That’s the great thing about poetry. It is often up to the reader to decide the meaning.(Continue reading…)

Love Poetry: “To My Wonderful Wife” by Gary R. Hess – For Valentine’s Day

“To My Wonderful Wife” is a love poem written by Gary R. Hess dedicated to his wife on Valentine’s Day. This romantic poem discusses the woman’s eyes and voice before mentioning the speaker’s overall feelings of passion and exuberance he felt around her.

This contemporary poem is an example of the passions love can bring to a man or woman. Even though this poem was originally written as a Valentine’s Day gift, it could be read on any day and is a wonderful spoken poem that anyone can enjoy with their spouse.(Continue reading…)