Thanksgiving Poetry: “Thanksgiving Trifecta” by Gary R. Hess


Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. Coming together as a family, talking about all the great things you are proud of or lucky to have, eating delicious food, and who can’t forget the beginning of Christmas season. This day is truly glorious.

I wrote this poem is a celebration of this great day and everything it stands for. I hope you enjoy it!(Continue reading…)

Thanksgiving Poetry: “Give Thanks” by Gary R. Hess

“Give Thanks” by Gary R. Hess is a poem written in dedication to all the Native Americans who helped the colonists in their time of need. There’s no way that they could have survived the winter without the Native people’s help. I recommend all Americans, Natives and the like, to remember those great Natives of our past who helped make America what it is today. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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