Political Poetry: “Cruelty of Life” by Gary R. Hess

“Cruelty of Life” is a spoken poem about politics akin to slam poetry. It is an inner monologue about all of the cruelties in this world and what the world has done to us and to our fellow man. We look around and see nothing but hate. We see the struggles, we see the pain. We see that there is so much that goes wrong in our lives and in other’s lives that there can’t possibly be a future. But there is. And that does give us some hope.(Continue reading…)

Class Warfare Poetry: “Divide Us, Unite Us” by Gary R. Hess

“Divide Us, Unite Us” is a contemporary slam poem written by Gary R. Hess in hopes to inform the world about the ever-growing class war that’s taking place. Americans and people around the world are being divided by those in power by putting us into groups: skin color and sexual preference being two of the most common divisions. They are doing this as they take billions out of our economies as they put it back into their pocket. No, it does not “trickle down”. It stays there with the elite class as we fight over who has weirder hair and what Miley Cyrus did this weekend. We are being shoved pointless drivel and fighting pointlessly among ourselves instead of focusing on uniting against what our true enemy is: inequality of wealth, healthcare, and social justice.(Continue reading…)

Life Poetry: Justice in Life by Gary R. Hess – A Slam Poem

This poem is about life. It follows a man who grew up poor, was molested, and went through life trying to do the best he can given the opportunities he was given. This poem isn’t a happy poem. It is the reality. It is the reality we all live in and we all choose to ignore. We ignore these sad facets of life because it helps us make it through the day without breaking down into tears and asking God, “Why is life so cruel?” God wouldn’t answer, but if he would he’d say, “Life is cruel because there’s no justice on Earth.”(Continue reading…)