Using Repetition in Poetry: Definitions and Purposes

Poetry is an art form, which can be created in a wide variety of ways. Most poetry styles have a unique pattern, which must be followed strictly. However, there are some forms that aren’t as strict and allow some leeway on what you can do. Using repetition allows you to reinforce ideas, add structure, create rhythm, create unity, and add additional emotion.

Different Types of Repetitions

First, let’s look at the different types of repetition used in poetry.(Continue reading…)

Different Types of Rhythm in Poetry

RhythmHow do poets establish a rhythm in poetry? Poets use a variety of speech elements and patterns to establish a rhythm in poetry. Meter, feet, lines, stanzas, punctuation, and cadences are some of the most commonly used features in English poetry.

In this article, we will take a look at:

  1. Different types of meter
  2. Different types of feet
  3. Use of lines
  4. Use of stanzas
  5. Use of various punctuations
  6. Developing a cadence

Let’s first take a gander at meter. Meter is simply the number of feet in one line.(Continue reading…)