Love Poetry: “A New Beginning” by Gary R. Hess

“A New Beginning” by Gary R. Hess is a love poem about how the impossible became possible. The poem speaks about how the speaker believed love could no longer be possible after his last heartbreak. However, a new love was found and it is better than anything he had experienced before.

This poem is from the book Temptation’s Trust by Gary R. Hess and written in free verse. The poem is largely unrhymed but includes some instances which break the mold–face/space and resilience/reliance–to help control the rhythm.(Continue reading…)

Love Poetry: “Heaven Knows” by Gary R. Hess

Want some romance in your life? “Heaven Knows” is a love poem written by Gary R. Hess describing what he feels about his love’s eyes, voice, and presence. The title is in reference to how God knows the speaker’s true feelings and only He can truly understand them. This poem is written in iambic meter. It is unrhymed but instead focuses on repetition of phrases in order to gain rhythm.

This romantic poem was first published in the author’s book Temptation’s Trust, which is the author’s first book about love.(Continue reading…)

Love Poetry: “To My Wonderful Wife” by Gary R. Hess – For Valentine’s Day

“To My Wonderful Wife” is a love poem written by Gary R. Hess dedicated to his wife on Valentine’s Day. This romantic poem discusses the woman’s eyes and voice before mentioning the speaker’s overall feelings of passion and exuberance he felt around her.

This contemporary poem is an example of the passions love can bring to a man or woman. Even though this poem was originally written as a Valentine’s Day gift, it could be read on any day and is a wonderful spoken poem that anyone can enjoy with their spouse.(Continue reading…)