“The Life of a Christmas Tree” by Gary R. Hess – A Christmas Poem from ‘X-Mas in Shorts’

“The Life of a Christmas Tree”
by Gary R. Hess

The tree sat waiting
as his friends went missing.
One by one, they were chopped and hacked
and dragged along a snowy path.
Their conquerors would fling their
victims upon their armored horses
and ride off unto their unwelcoming caves. Continue Reading

“Ode to the Giraffe” by Gary R. Hess – A Zoo Poem

Giraffe in Sedgwick County Zoo

by Gary R. Hess

Your bottle neck stretches to the heavens
for all to see and be seen.
With the trees and by the trees
your body grew towards the sky and makes believe
the world is its paradise.

Your wobbly pencil sticks give you enough power
to take on the most ferocious beasts
but yet still enough height to lift away from fears. Continue Reading