X-Mas in Shorts: Poetry for Christmas Cheer (Bright Dreams Journal Book 8)

Gary’s first Christmas abroad was difficult. With no snow nor even cold weather, it was hard getting in the mood to celebrate. After sitting down in his PJs, he drank some hot chocolate and wrote this set of poetry as sweat dripped down his face and “Jingle Bells” played on his radio.

X-Mas comes from one of the oldest symbols of Christianity, the X. In Ancient Rome, safe houses and buildings which allowed Christians to celebrate their religion placed an ‘X’ on their sides. The ‘X’ stood for Christ.

Due to ignorance, many people today believe ‘X-Mas’ is a way to make the holiday secular. However, this is indeed not the case. Using ‘X-Mas’ is a way to honor Christianity’s past. It is a true Christian symbol.

Come and join Gary by celebrating this great holiday with X-Mas in Shorts!

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Three Poems for Kids

by Gary R. Hess

Jack trips everyone.
When a child walks by,
he hopes they fall.

He doesn’t like kids.
He doesn’t like adults.
He doesn’t like anybody.

He sticks his leg out and hopes they fall
on their face or on their knees.
It doesn’t matter which, he’s still pleased.

Jack is happy when others are down.
He laughs and shouts
and hopes they pout.

Jack is often sad.
He doesn’t have many friends,
nor parties to attend.
He laughs and cries
while others ball out their eyes.
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