Christmas Poetry: “Rudolph” by Gary R. Hess

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

“Rudolph” is a poem written by Gary R. Hess. This contemporary Christmas poem is about the “greatest reindeer of all” using imagery, onomatopeia, and open rhythm. It describes the scene of Santa Claus mushing Rudolph to make it go faster as Christmas begins. This poem was originally published in X-Mas in Shorts: Poetry for Christmas Cheer (Bright Dreams Journal Book 8)

RUDOLPH by Gary R. Hess

Here comes Rudolph
pulling a giant sleigh.
A man’s behind him,
mushing him; pushing him.
The man’s plump hands
rain force upon him.
As he slaps again the reins
sweat drips down
the man’s cotton-haired face.
“On Rudolph!”
The deer yelps,
but continues on.
The man’s eyes pierce the foggy snow
as Rudolph’s legs begin to tire.
The deer jumps.
And soars through the sky.
The man laughs,
echoing down below.
“Ho! Ho! Ho!”
The sleigh picks up speed
as Christmas has begun.
As Christmas has begun

Gary R. Hess

Gary was born and raised on a small farm in rural Kansas. Today, he is teaching various nationalities English in Southeast Asia. Get his newest poetry eBook here.

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