Religious Poetry: “Jesus in Rhyme” by Gary R. Hess – From “Life with Christ”

“Jesus in Rhyme”
by Gary R. Hess

Jesus came, Jesus saw,
he did everything for us all.
His body was given,
His soul was shaken,
His mind was shared for all.

He preached in parables
to make his words able
to be understood for years.
After all our tears,
he’ll come again
to make the world his stable.


This poem is meant to help you celebrate Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Christians: Please keep Christ in your mind today on Good Friday.

This poem is taken from the book “Life with Christ: Poetry for the Catholic Soul” by Gary R. Hess. The book is free from March 24-28, 2016. You may download the eBook on Kindle or any Android phone.

Gary R. Hess

Gary was born and raised on a small farm in rural Kansas. Today, he is teaching various nationalities English in Southeast Asia. Get his newest poetry eBook here.

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