St. Patrick’s Day Poetry: “It’s Saint Paddy’s Day!” by Gary R. Hess

“It’s Saint Paddy’s Day!” is a poem written by Gary R. Hess for its namesake’s holiday. This holiday was originally meant to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland: St. Patrick. However, more recently this holiday has become more of an excuse for children of all ages to pinch each other and for adults to drink green beer and dress like leprechauns. We also love to celebrate it by eating “Irish” food. Of course, that food usually isn’t really from Ireland. A classic is corned beef, which is actually a traditional American meal. Funny, isn’t it? Nonetheless, people of all ages love the holiday.

This contemporary poem discusses the scenery of St. Patrick’s Day.

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New Year’s Poetry: “We Celebrate” by Gary R. Hess

“We Celebrate” was written in celebration of the 2016 New Year. This contemporary New Year’s Day poem simply takes a look at what we Americans do on this holiday to celebrate. However, in reality, we start our celebration right around Christmas. We start to see media talk about the past year and about everything that has happened, then we talk about it with our family and with our friends. During this time, we also begin to ponder about the next year. What changes do I want to make? What might happen in my future? What will happen in my country’s future? We all hope for the best. Nonetheless, when New Year’s Eve comes there’s only one thing on our mind: party!

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Thanksgiving Poetry: “Give Thanks” by Gary R. Hess

“Give Thanks” by Gary R. Hess is a poem written in dedication to all the Native Americans who helped the colonists in their time of need. There’s no way that they could have survived the winter without the Native people’s help. I recommend all Americans, Natives and the like, to remember those great Natives of our past who helped make America what it is today. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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