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Easter Poem: “The Rabbit’s Egg” by Gary R. Hess

Easter Poem for Kids

Easter is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate this special day than by reading a bubbly Easter poem for kids? This poem is dedicated to all the children, young and old, who wish to believe with their hearts that magic truly happens on Easter.

“The Rabbit’s Egg” by Gary R. Hess follows a bunny that drops a golden egg, then she realizes the egg is actually made of chocolate and eats it. At this moment, Spring and Easter begin.(Continue reading…)

Love Poetry: “Growth” by Gary R. Hess

Love poetry: Growth by Gary R Hess

“Growth” is a poem written for Valentine’s Day during the year 2018. Time has come and gone so quickly, and everything changes. There’s not much which can be said about the poem in terms of overall meaning. It speaks for itself. It is written in unrhymed meter.

Want to be romantic? Feel free to share this with your loved one. Write it on a card, print it out, or remember it and recite it during the perfect moment. Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong.(Continue reading…)

Christmas Poetry: “Christmas Imagined” by Gary R. Hess

“Christmas Imagined” is a poem by Gary R. Hess that was written to signify what the author truly wants for Christmas. It’s difficult, however, when the author lives in a different country, especially when there’s not even snow! But what can a man do except imagine what it would be like–like what it was before. Nonetheless, the time of youthful American Christmas spirit has passed and now he must look to the future for what he hopes will come again.

This poem is to show hope, splendor, and even amiss in our imagination throughout these glorious holidays.(Continue reading…)

Thanksgiving Poetry: “Thanksgiving Trifecta” by Gary R. Hess


Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. Coming together as a family, talking about all the great things you are proud of or lucky to have, eating delicious food, and who can’t forget the beginning of Christmas season. This day is truly glorious.

I wrote this poem is a celebration of this great day and everything it stands for. I hope you enjoy it!(Continue reading…)

Remembrance Poetry: “Without You” by Gary R. Hess

Anna Mae Works-Weilert

“Without You” is a poem that was written the day I heard of Gary R. Hess’ grandmother’s death. The author describes the poem as follows, “It definitely isn’t the best poem I have ever written, but it encapsulates my mind on that day. It says exactly what I felt and what I still feel now. My grandmother was a wonderful woman, although she did have her faults.”

Anna Mae Weilert-Works
September 11, 1919 – July 12, 2017(Continue reading…)

Nature Poetry: “Tree” by Gary R. Hess – A Personification

Sometimes we see the Earth alive and moving. We see it breathing, swaying, walking, running, and even talking to us. “Tree” was one of those times for Gary R. Hess. What the beautiful nature has and what it does for us is remarkable. It is irresistible to write down on paper for the world to read and feel. The author states, “I hope you enjoyed reading this nature poem with its personification as much as I did writing it.”(Continue reading…)

Life Poetry: “Teenage Life” by Gary R. Hess

This iambic poem is a reminiscence of the author’s own life but one that almost every young adult has experienced. We have all experienced heartbreaks–some more than others. However, these heartbreaks are especially plentiful in our teenage and 20-something years. We have all dreamed to experience great things in life, but oh so few of us have succeeded. We plan for the big things. We all believe we will live in a giant house, have a loving family, travel the world, and see all that this great world has to offer. Few do. Few can. But all feel the pain of failure.(Continue reading…)

The Eclipse – A Haiku by Gary R. Hess

“The Eclipse” is a poem to memorialize the total solar eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017, across the United States. Sadly, I wasn’t able to view it as I’m half-way across the world. Nonetheless, it brought back great memories of when I was a child attempted to view an eclipse during elementary school. It was a great time and I look forward to being able to view the next one.(Continue reading…)

Political Poetry: “Cruelty of Life” by Gary R. Hess

“Cruelty of Life” is a spoken poem about politics akin to slam poetry. It is an inner monologue about all of the cruelties in this world and what the world has done to us and to our fellow man. We look around and see nothing but hate. We see the struggles, we see the pain. We see that there is so much that goes wrong in our lives and in other’s lives that there can’t possibly be a future. But there is. And that does give us some hope.(Continue reading…)