Love Poetry: “A New Beginning” by Gary R. Hess

“A New Beginning” by Gary R. Hess is a love poem about how the impossible became possible. The poem speaks about how the speaker believed love could no longer be possible after his last heartbreak. However, a new love was found and it is better than anything he had experienced before.

This poem is from the book Temptation’s Trust by Gary R. Hess and written in free verse. The poem is largely unrhymed but includes some instances which break the mold–face/space and resilience/reliance–to help control the rhythm.


Before I could not imagine
that you could make this happen.
But as we talked
and the night wore on–
it was obvious–

a new love was born.
The smile on my face
was larger than Earth’s space.
And with the grace of God,
he brought you from abroad.
As I sit here now typing, thinking,
this is a new beginning–
a time of purge and resilience
of all the things I have reliance.
For now, a new life has begun
and my old will soon be gone.

Gary R. Hess

Gary was born and raised on a small farm in rural Kansas. Today, he is teaching various nationalities English in Southeast Asia. Get his newest poetry eBook here.

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